About us


The Fabrica de Alambiques Santa Efigenia Ltda. was founded in 1948 by Mr. Geraldo Pereira dos Santos, who transfered his profession to his sons, responsible for perfecting production techniques, placing the company at the national and international markets.


With almost 70 years of tradition, we are recognized as the largest producer of equipments for distilleries in the Brazilian territory, having manufactured 95% of the plants of the better known artisanal spirits from Brazil.


This significant acceptance is linked to its competitive advantages, earned through hard work, dedication and commitment.


The owners Mr. Ubiratan Roberto Pereira dos Santos, Mr. Jander Damiao dos Santos and Mr. Lenizio Barbosa dos Santos prioritize, above all, the assurance of high technology in the distillation process, keeping the prestige of Alambiques Santa Efigenia.


Generate, sustainably, values ??for our customers, employees and society through constant technological innovations in distillation processes, quality assurance and effective services.


Being an international benchmark in the segment of equipment for distilleries.

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